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Our service offerings allow us to provide various technological solutions to enhance and improve your students' and staffs' experience while on and off campus.

Residence Hall Managed WiFi

Today’s students are more connected than ever. They typically carry or wear 5-7 wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, phones, wearables such as watches, activity trackers, etc. When they come home to their apartment or dorm room, they have multiple gaming systems, televisions, smart home electronics and much, much more connected to your network.

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Internet for outdoor events?

Why require all your events that require Internet service to be held indoors! With our outdoor wireless solutions, our clients can utilize their attractive and calming outdoor spaces to hold there events, provide a calming outdoor study environment and even for outdoor dining. Users always want access to the Internet in all aspects of their life, why rely on spotty cellular data when you can have your existing WiFi available outside!

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